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This is a reference for the various properties that can be set. These can be set as name tags or given when plotting as optional arguments. They are usually used as property value pairs.

Valid Linestyles

Specifier Line Style
- Solid line (default)
-- Dashed line
 : Dotted line
-. Dash-dot line

Valid Marker Styles

Specifier Marker Type
+ Plus sign
o Circle
* Asterisk
. Point
x Cross
'square' or s Square
'diamond' or d Diamond
^ Upward-pointing triangle
v Downward-pointing triangle
> Right-pointing triangle
< Left-pointing triangle
'pentagram' or p Five-pointed star (pentagram)
'hexagram' or h Six-pointed star (hexagram)

Valid Colors

Short Name Long Name
r Red
g Green
b Blue
c Cyan
m Magenta
y Yellow
k Black
w White

Properties That Can Be Set in Plots

Name Description
'papersize' Paper size
'paperposition' Position
'paperunits' Units
'paperorientation' Orientation
'papertype' Type
'paperpositionmode' Position mode
'fcolor' Figure color
'funits' Units
'fposition' Position
'name' Name
'tag' Tag
'menubar' Menubar
'resize' Resize
‘closerequestfcn’ Function to run when figure closes
'acolor' Axes color
'xgrid' X grid
'ygrid' Y grid
‘z grid’ Z grid
‘grid’ Both x, y and z grid
'aunits' Units
'aposition' Position
'title' Title
'xlabel' X label
'ylabel' Y label
‘zlabel’ Z label
‘afontcolor’ Axes font color
'afontname' Font name
'afontsize' Size
'afontangle' Angle
'afontweight' Weight
'afontunits' Units
'xlim' X limits
'ylim' Y limits
‘zlim’ Z limits
‘clim’ C limits
'xscale' X scale
'yscale' Y scale
‘zscale’ Z scale
'gridlinestyle' Grid line style
‘drawmode' ‘fast’ or ‘normal’
‘colororder’ Array of colours defining the order colours are used in surface or area plots.
‘projection’ Either Orthographic or Perspective
‘aspect' A 2 or 3 element vector defining the unit lengths along x axis, y axis and (if watned) z axis. i.e. [3.07, 2.9] means one unit in x should represent 3.07, 1 unit in y should represent 2.9, z is scaled such that it doesn’t change size. (for instance, the axes will be square if x is between 0 and 5.8 and y is between 0 and 6.14)
‘dataaspectratio’ A 3 element vector defining the ratio between the axes, i.e. [1 2 1] means that for every 1 unit in x and z, y will have 2 units in the same space. (for instance, the axes will be square if x is between 0 and 3 and y is between 0 and 6).
'tcolor' Text color
'tunits' Units
'tposition' Position
'tfontname' Font name
'tfontsize' Size
'tfontweight' Weight
'tfontangle' Angle
'tfontunits' Units
'punits' units
'linestyle' Line style
'marker' Marker
'markersize' Size
'linewidth' Line width
‘shading’ Determines what shading to use (flat, faceted, interpreted)