Using Default Properties and Name Tags

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How Default Properties Work

Libisis graphics were designed so that it did not interfere with other applications and could not be interfered BY other applications in Matlab. It uses sets of default properties to control the style of plots. These default properties can be split into two categories - global defaults and local defaults.

Global defaults effect the whole of the Libisis application. If no local default is set for a property then the global default for that property is used. If no global default exists for a property, then the Matlab defaults are used. For the most part, a user of Libisis will change global default properties. If applications are built on top of Libisis then normally local default properties will be changed that are only used by the application.

Local defaults effect just one plot type. A plot type is defined by its given name and tag. There are some default plot types that are used but no defaults are set for them. Each set of local defaults carries the following properties

  • Any local defaults set for a plot type over-rides the global defaults that apply to that plot type
  • Each name and tag refers to a particular figure window that will follow the local properties that are set for that name and tag
  • If nothing has been plotted with a particular name tag yet, a new figure window will be made when the next plot command is given that corresponds to that name tag
  • Plot types are not restricted to the

How To Set Default Properties

Controlling Plots with Name Tags

Name tags are designed to be used