Quick Start For Mgenie Users

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Libisis is similar to mgenie, but there are some minor differences you should note. Below highlights some of these changes.

set_disk, set_dir, set_ext and set_inst

  • set_dir and set_disk have been replaced with set_path. Instead of setting the directory separately, one now sets the path, so

>> set_dir('MAPS/homer_files'), set_disk('c:')


>> set_path('c:\MAPS\homer_files')

  • if set_ext is not used then 'RAW' is assumed
  • Although one can assign a RAW file, there are many more options available to read RAW files. See the User Manual.

spec and mspec

  • spec is analogous to getspectrum. This reads in an IXTdataset_1d object that you can use, which is similar to an mgenie spectrum
  • mspec is analogous to getspectra. This reads in an IXTdataset_2d object that you can use. This is similar to the array of mgenie spectra but contains truely two dimensional information and is different to an array of IXTdataset_1d objects.
  • can be given RAW file objects as the first argument also - which will override the automatic behaviour to use the assigned RAW file.


Plotting (dl, mp, da, etc.)

  • Can now be given spectra number(s) to plot
  • Will plot the spectra numbers given from the assigned RAW file, e.g. dl(553:555) plots spectra 553 to 555 from the assigned RAW file.
  • See Plot Commands for more information


amark, acolor and aline

  • Now accept combinations of sizes and styles in any order - so aline('--','.-',5,6,3,1,3,'..',2') is ok
  • Have over advanced options - see Pre-Emptive Formatting for more information

Two Dimensional Operations

  • Almost all one dimensional commands have two dimensional extensions
  • function_x operates in the x direction while function_y operates in the y direction
  • i.e. shift also has shift_x and shift_y commands for IXTdataset_2d objects.
  • See User Manual for more information


  • Is now deriv1 for first derivative
  • Use deriv2 for second derivative