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The IXTrunfie object contains the instrument information and instrument data together with other optional information about the users and sample measured. It is generally populated by the Homer and mgenie style functions as well as the Scripting Homer Functions. This object is very similar to IXTdataset_2d and many of the same operations exist for it, including all the two dimensional plot commands.


The elements of the object are as follows:

Element Type Description
base IXTbase] internal use
title char Title of runfile
start_time char time of start of run
end_time char time of end of run
run_number int number of run
total_charge real <math>\mu</math>Amp Hrs for run
total_raw_frames int total frames in run
total_good_frames int total good frames in run
program_name IXThistory the full path of prgram creating object
command_line IXThistory the command line syntax of function calling the object
users (:) IXTuser (allocatable) list of users
sample IXTsample sample being measured
inst IXTinstrument description of instrument
det_data IXTdata detector datasets and mapping information
mon_data IXTdata monitor datasets and mapping information
peaks IXTpeaks description of monitor peaks for get_ei

F90 syntax

use IXMrunfile

type(IXTstatus):: status


The following operations may be performed on this data type:

Class Specific Operations

population routines:


normalisation routines