Download and setup LIBISIS

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By downloading any of the files below, you accept the terms of the Matlab MCR Library License included with the distribution. Read the COPYING.rtf file in the License folder for information about which components may or may not be changed or redistributed.

If you have any problems, email the libisis-users mailing list.


  • Matlab 2007a (or later)
  • 1GB RAM memory
  • 40MB free hard drive space

Download LIBISIS

  • Download the latest libisis build for your version of Matlab
Windows Linux&MacOS
  • Latest distributive for Matlab version 7.4(2007a) and higher (32 and 64 bit Matlab versions<math>)^{1}</math> : (this is what you probably need)

Matlab 2007a-2011a

  • Old (compatibility) distributives for older versions of Matlab (32bit) (use this only if your Matlab is really old or you used Libisis before and want to process your previous data with your old libisis):

Matlab Ver 7.1 Matlab 2006a Matlab 2006b Matlab 2007a Matlab 2007b

You need to install NeXus and build the code from source using GNU autotools, see SubversionServer for instructions

You should be fairly familiar with Unix installation process to do it smoothly. There is user experience page, which summarises the experience of some users who have already done this, installing Libisis for Horace. You will probably need to place This file into your Matlab directory ($MatlabRoot/extern/src) as it is not shipped with recent versions of Matlab any more.

<math>*^1</math> Does not currently fully work with Matlab 2011b, as Matlab HDF version have changed. You may compile and work with Libisis graphic and fitting capabilities but attempting to access NeXus file crashes Matlab. The issue will be addressed depending on demand on the solution.


  • All versions :
  • Unpack downloaded file into C:\mprogs or a directory of your choice eg X:\ISIS
  • Open your startup.m file (if it does not exist, then startup.m in the folder that matlab starts)
  • Add the following lines to the startup.m file
addpath('c:\mprogs\Libisis') % where c:\mprogs\Libisis is the folder you unzipped Libisis into
  • Alternative possibility for the latest versions :
  • Instead of above, you can unpack downloaded file into a folder of your choice. (ISIS by default so 'C:\ISIS\' and this folder have two sub-folders namely Libisis and InstrumentFiles in it)
  • Start MATLAB and navigate it to the folder where the Libisis has been unpacked. (e.g. C:\ISIS)
  • Find the MATLAB function install_isis in this folder and run this function specifying the path (short or full) to the folder where you have Libisis unpacked. (e.g. if your Libisis is in C:\ISIS\Libisis, navigate MATLAB to the folder C:\ISIS and run install_isis('Libisis') or install_isis('C:\ISIS\Libisis')
  • Type libisis_on in MATLAB command prompt to access Libisis functions

This is actually all you need having an administrative rights to the system. install_isis creates an folder ISIS in the toolbox folder of the MATLAB root directory, places files necessary to initiate Libisis there and modifies MATLAB search path to look for files in this folder. If you use startup file, the script also adds the rows, described above and necessary to initiate Libisis during MATLAB startup. These rows are added to the end of your startup file.

You need manually modify you startup file if you used Libsisis before to remove references to previous Libisis installations and avoid multiple Libisis initialisations.

Download Stand Alone Homer

  • If you do not have matlab it is possible to download an executable which will run the homer GUI standalone
  • Homer software created by Dr. Dickon Champion, standalone installation developed by Dean Whittaker. MCRInstaller and Matlab (c) The MathWorks, Inc. 1984-2010
Windows Linux MacOS
Stand Alone Homer or Stand Alone Homer for win64 (with proper MCR installer)- the standalone homer zip file

MCRInstaller - required for the first run of homer.

not available not available

you must set up Homer properly in order for it to work. Run the MCRInstaller once on your computer, if updating your homer installation, it is not required.

Install Stand Alone Homer

  • The First time you download homer:
    • Download the MCRInstaller file above
    • Run the MCRInstaller.exe file and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Download the homer zip file above
  • Unzip to directory of your choice
  • Run homer.exe to start homer.


  • 1GB RAM memory
  • 40MB free hard drive space
  • Administrative Rights for Installation.

Setup Memory Usage

Sometimes when we are treating large datasets, such as on MAPS, we cannot load all the data into the memory of the computer at once, we need to 'chunk' the data into smaller pieces. We therefore need to set the default number of workspaces in each 'chunk' to treat at any one time during the population of an IXTrunfile and the total amount of memory to allow the computer to use.

If the memory required for the number of workspaces in each chunk is greater than that defined then the number of workspaces is reduced until it fits in the memory or a failure status is raised. These two values are defined in ./matlab/homer/default_homer_nchunk.m which needs to be edited to suit the memory needs of your computer. Tests have shown that LIBISIS will populate data fastest when it is chunked in groups of 100 workspaces, so this is the default value in the file.

function nchunk=default_homer_nchunk
% nchunk = default_homer_nchunk
% nchunk is a two membered array
% the first element is the default number of workspaces to be treated at 
% one time, and the second element is the maximum amount of memory (in MB)
% that you want the computer to use