Making Install Kits

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This is information for making Libisis installation kits, for making a homer standalone kit (which does not require any of the information below) see Changing Homer GUI Code

Windows Kits

Set The Version Of Matlab

Currently, two versions of kits are required to cover all versions of matlab due to differences in the way mex files are compiled

  • 6.5 -> 2006a require one build (the "old" versions)
  • 2006b and above requires a different build (the "new" versions)

To change the version of matlab that the kit will be made for, change the system environment variable named MATLABDIR to the value of the root directory for the required version of Matlab. Build using one version from the "old" range and one version from the "new" range. Distribute the correct version to users.

Once the environment variable is changed:

  • Re-start the compiling program
  • Compile Libisis - Insure that it is compiled as a release version (not debug as is sometimes the case). See Installation Instructions for information on compiling.
  • Follow the instructions below

Making The Install Kit

Windows install kits are done using the MINGW32 interface.

NOTE: There may be a file in the libisis directory. If this is so, then a new folder will be added to THIS zip file (not replaced). It is recomended that you remove, or change the name of, the file before making the kit.

  • Open MingGW (usually programfiles/minGW/msys/msys)
  • Type >> cd /c/<libisis dir> where <libisis dir> is the directory libsisis is checked out to
  • Type >> sh
  • A message may appear: cp: cannot stat. This is perfectly fine.
  • A zip file now exists in the libisis directory called ready for distribution. This will work with whichever set of Matlab versions were used above.

see File Locations for where to upload these for access from the wiki

Linux Kits

Mac Kits