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LIBISIS is using TRAC for problem/issue reporting. You can browse issues without logging on, but to report issues you will need to login using your WIKI username and password (the login notes mentioned for write access to the SubversionServer apply to TRAC login too)

Browsing Issues

Submitting Issues

To submit a new issue you need to:

  • Go to the main TRAC page
  • Log in with your WIKI username and password
  • Click on the "New Ticket" link that will appear in the top menu bar

Issue Priorities

TRAC defines several priorities for issues and these are our interpretation:

Priority Interpretation
blocker Unable to use libisis (e.g. DLL fails to load, all procedures crash, installation fails)
critical Most/multiple functions fail to work and give invalid values/crash
major A particular function/module works incorrectly and there is no workaround
minor A particular function/module works incorrectly, but there is either a workaround or the problem does not occur regularly
trivial Something like a documentaton error that is obviously wrong and so would not cause too much confusion; otherwise it should be entered at a higher priority